Welcome to E-Shoppy! Everyday is a Shopping day.

We are a US-Based E-commerce marketplace. As an E-commerce store, we are dedicated to providing you the best deals, focused primarily on the Branded Quality Products with Competitive Pricing. 

We aim to become a global marketplace with competitive pricing and wider product ranges. From Electrical Appliances to daily household gadgets, we are home for exclusive collections in each category. In increasing virtualization, we want to bring every necessity of life at E-Shoppy.com and intend to develop long-lasting connections with our valuable customers.  

Our Mission

“Delivering the quality products with the best values, across every community and channels we serve.”

Our vision

E-Shoppy vision is to sustain online Successfully, depending not only on commercial success, but also enhance customer retention”.

Who we are?

E-Shoppy, LLC is a US-based e-commerce firm, headquartered in Minnesota. E-Shoppy, LLC is approved by all the relevant authorities. Our Customer Services Representatives are always here for a quick answer to your queries.

Our Core Principles

As a Future-oriented Company, we are driven by our guiding values of Integrity & Customer-first philosophy, which leads us towards successful future goals. 

  • Integrity

Integrity in businesses demands Trust, Consistencyand Responsibilities. As an E-Commerce firm, we always want to win the customer's trust by ensuring the on-time delivery of authentic products in responsible manners. 

  • Customer-first philosophy

We love to announce Customer Focus deals every time. That way, each order you made at E-Shoppy, starts with a vision of another customer retention plan. We always end with the accomplishment of customer satisfaction